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Addiction Treatment

The Narconon Rehab Program handles drug addiction in an effective manner with impressive results.

The Narconon Rehab Program consists of 8 courses of treatment, that when combined achieve full physical detoxification, self-realized root causes of the individual's addiction and a reformed ability to identify and solve problems. It also helps the addict to change unwanted conditions in his or her life, for the better.

The Narconon Rehab is one of the pioneering programs of "manualized treatment." The treatment method addresses the 3 Barriers to Successful Recovery physical cravings, lingering depression and/or guilt from past misconduct connected to drug or alcohol addiction.


Medical Review of Sauna Detox Program

This body of peer-reviewed literature substantiates the effectiveness of the Hubbard program in reducing levels of foreign compounds stored in fat and in improving the symptom profiles of chemically exposed individuals. Read more...


Problems with Substitute Drugs

Research chemist Richard Dan, Ph.D., is president and CEO of Diatech, Inc., in New Hampshire. "There's a tendency in certain sectors of the scientific community to think that you can solve all problems with substances. I think it's a false solution, something that hasn't been looked at rigorously.



What is an intervention?

Many people do not know what an intervention is.